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Hi Future Groomers, I'm Donia Pennelli-De Witt.


Working a 9 to 5 job, doing the same thing every day, and taking orders from a never-satisfied boss may work for some but not for me. I wanted more out of life! I wanted to WANT to go to work every morning, and be excited about the day ahead. So, that is exactly what I did!


I quit my comfy job and embarked on a journey to educate myself and follow my passion of working with dogs by becoming a professional dog groomer. Once qualified, I opened my own grooming business which I grew and successfully ran for several years. I enhanced my knowledge by completing a dog trainer instructor and behaviorism course, presented by ZA-K9 Training Academy. After years of grooming, unforgettable experiences, dog kisses and cuddles, I thought it was time to pass on the grooming shears and educate others. And so the Professional Dog Grooming Academy was born!

The Professional Dog Grooming Academy was created to equip other dog enthusiasts - like yourself, with the skills needed to follow their passion and love for dogs by becoming certified professional dog groomers.

We are committed to improve the overall grooming standards so that all groomers will groom, style, handle and care for ALL our canine friends with kindness, safety and fear-free as their number 1 priority.

By choosing PDGA as your grooming pack leader, you will learn how to groom various dogs according to AKC (American Kennel Club) breed-specific standards in an easy-to-follow, fun and interactive way with the help of online video lessons, demonstrations, quizzes and practical assignments.

As we are dog crazy, you will be taught about various dog-related topics such as training, behaviourism, health, nutrition, and even how to create pink mohawks with creative grooming.



Take your first step to your NEW CAREER

Online dog grooming course

The Dog Groomer Assistant Course

Level 1

Baby groomers - welcome to the world of dogs. A dog groomer assistant will be your entry-level to becoming a professional dog groomer. As a dog groomer assistant, it is your job to prepare the dog for styling by a professional groomer.


The Intermediate Dog Grooming Course

Level 2

This online dog grooming course was created for those who have completed the Dog Groomer Assistant course, and those who have the foundational skills when it comes to dog grooming. For this course grab your clippers and sharpen your shears as it includes teaching you how to shave, scissor and style a dog.

Video dog grooming lessons
Video dog grooming lessons

The Professional Dog Grooming Course

Level 3

No time to waste as we will dive straight in by showcasing how to groom the most popular requested grooms, according to their AKC breed specifications. After completing this course you will be equipped to start your own dog grooming business or work for a successful grooming salon as a Professional Dog Groomer.


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