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Exclusive Short Dog Care & GroomingĀ Courses for Pet Enthusiasts!

Discover an exciting array of mini-courses brought to you by PDGA for passionate pooch parents and dog enthusiasts.

Unleash your canine knowledge with specially curated content derived from our top-notch flagship courses. While these dog care and grooming training short courses are not accredited, rest assured that they provide valuable insights into various canine-related topics.

Choose from a diverse range of pet care subjects that align with your interests, empowering you to become the ultimate pooch parent. Letā€™s enhance your pup parenting skills with our comprehensive basic dog care courses now.

Here's what you'll learn by enrolling in our canine care crash courses...

Dog Decoded

Dogs Decoded: Breeds, Anatomy & Coats Unveiled!

This short course dives into theĀ diverse world of dog breeds, where you will discover which canine group your beloved 'Max' belongs to. Uncover the fascinating anatomy and coat types of your furry friend and their canine buddies. Plus a wealth of additional insights. Our mini dog course is a paw-some adventure waiting to happen!

  • Discover dog breeds from around the world
  • UnderstandĀ  your canine's anatomy
  • Uncover which dog group your dog belongs to
  • Grasp the function of your dog's coat
  • Identify various coat types
  • Explore essential canine behaviour
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Canine Nutrition 101

Master Dog Nutrition Basics with Our Short Course Series.

Just as food plays a crucial role in our well-being, it holds equal importance in the lives of our canine companions. Providing your pet with a healthy well-balanced diet will increase their longevity and quality of life to spend more time with their beloved owners. Properly maintaining dog food and regular grooming routines is crucial for a dog's overall well-being. This tailor-made dog care mini-course will provide you with the necessary knowledge to become a pro at canine nutrition.Ā 

  • Gain a clear understanding of nutrition
  • Identify safe and unsafe food for your dog

  • Discover various diets and tips for a healthy coat

  • You will define various feeding practices

  • Learn what your dog's stool can say about its health

  • List the important vaccinations all dog owners should know of
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Canine Nutrition
Canine Health and first aid

Canine Health & First Aid

Equip yourself with life-saving knowledge and skills to handle common dog emergencies and provide immediate care until you can reach a vet.Ā 

As a responsible dog owner, recognizing skin and health issues is crucial. Being attuned to these signs enables you to determine when it's time to take your dog to the vet. Early diagnosis can be a lifesaver for your canine companion. Take mini dog care lessons to become a responsible pet parent and keep your pup's health risk-free.Ā 

  • Identify common health issues and diseases
  • Identify various skin issues as well as endo- and ectoparasites
  • How to handle various canine emergencies
  • Learn what a canine first aid kit should consist of
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Start Grooming Dogs Like a Pro

Our courses are not only for aspiring groomers but also for self-proclaimed dog whisperers, enthusiasts, and devoted pooch parents. Everyone, regardless of their background, can derive value from these professional and short dog grooming courses, as you delve into a range of dog-related subjects. Acquiring grooming skills will empower you to pamper your furry companion in the convenience of your home.

We are thrilled to introduce to you our flagship courses. Upon successfully completing a course, you will receive a PDGA certificate, complete with bragging rights!

This course was created to teach the absolute beginner everything there is to know about dog grooming and the dog world.

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We dive deeper into how to clip a dog section for section, such as how to groom the head of various breeds, the legs, paws etc.Ā 

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This course will dive straight in by showcasing how to groom the most popular requested grooms, according to their AKC breed specifications.Ā 

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