Double Your Skills with our Exclusive Combo Course Bundle!


2 Online courses in 1! This combo includes the Dog Groomer Assistant Course & Intermediate Dog Grooming Course

Pawsitively perfect your grooming skills with our two comprehensive online courses. Refine the basics, upgrade your dog grooming skills, grow your confidence, get a dog grooming certificate, and launch your career today!


Unleash Your Inner Grooming Pro

Maximize your career potential with the Dog Groomer Assistant Course. Learn the basics, grow your confidence, and launch your career today.

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Dog groomer and dog

Upgrade Your Dog Grooming Skills & Take Your Career to the Next Level!

This online dog grooming course is designed to upskill and educate current groomers. Discover new techniques to make your furry clients look and feel their best. Enroll now and become a grooming pro!

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Detailed Course Syllabus

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Career advancement

Career Advancement

You will be a more in-demand dog groomer. You'll be better positioned to advance your career and take on new opportunities.

Save money

Save Money

With a 25% discount, you'll be able to save a significant amount of money on your course fees, making it an affordable investment in your career.

enhance skills

Enhanced Skills

You'll have the opportunity to learn a wider range of skills that can help you provide better care to your furry clients.

Make an Affordable Investment for You or Your Staff's Career

Investing in the skills of yourself or your employees is a win-win situation. It benefits both the employee and the employer, leading to increased productivity, better business outcomes, and a competitive advantage in the market.

Upon successful completion of the accredited course(s), students will receive 2 PDGA certificates and can request ICOES certificates for an additional fee.