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PDGA is excited to bring our students even more knowledge when it comes to the world of dogs!

All About Pet Sense College

Pet Sense College is primarily a correspondence/ distance learning college for education in animal care, welfare, behaviour and training which exclusively represents Compass Education and Training. 

Pet Sense College aims to provide education which is competitive and prides itself in offering courses which are internationally recognised thanks to our partnership with Compass Education and Training UK.

Dog groomer assistant course


Canine Behaviour and Psychology Diploma

The aim of the course is to introduce participants to the behaviour and psychology of the domestic dog. It is designed to equip students with a basic knowledge of normal and unusual behaviours and their purposes or what they can tell us about the dog.

  • Ways of Explaining Canine Behaviour
  • Mating Behaviour and Birth
  • The Psychology of the Young Dog
  • The Psychology of the Adult Dog
  • Unusual Canine Behaviour
  • Avoiding Problem Behaviour
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Canine Behaviour and Training Diploma

This course is a combination of relevant modules from several courses for those who would benefit from a specific approach to training and behaviour rather than one or the other.  This course is ideal for students who would like to train dogs and understand dog behaviour to run effective classes.

  • Ways of Explaining Canine Behaviour
  • Understand Canine Behaviour
  • Canine Learning
  • Dog Training
  • Touch
  • Handling Aggression
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Intermediate dog grooming course
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Canine Anatomy


Canine Anatomy and Physiology

The course is designed for those who have either successfully completed the Canine Studies programme or those who feel they already have knowledge of subjects such as health, nutrition and responsible dog ownership.

  • The Canine Skeleton
  • The Muscles and Coat
  • The Productive and Urinary Systems
  • Dentition, Digestion, and Respiratory Systems
  • The Cardiovascular and Nervous System
  • Form and Function
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